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How to Create an Urban Forest

The ultimate game changer.

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Throughout the Tour, one of the most often cited pieces of work was the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy. It is broadly seen as the most useful and imitable pieces of work on urban greening in Australia. Based on the feedback on this Strategy from the Tour, we have come to regard this solution as somewhat of a lynchpin idea. A template resource and course to help councils that can’t afford an Urban Forest Strategy afford one.


202020 Vision works with City of Melbourne and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning(DELWP) to develop a pre-existing resource into one that can be replicated and socialised among councils nationally.


  • It is a step-by-step description of how to create urban forests and covers – everything from decision-making processes, species selection, the briefing process, measurement, funding and maintenance.
  • It is a decentralised, efficient, scalable and measurable solution to a range of problems.


"The City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy was a seminal piece of work that many councils have found not only beneficial but inspiring. I can imagine then that the Urban Forest template would become an essential, how-to resource for councils to customise as the building blocks for their own strategies. It’s a really exciting step and seems to me a way to ensure all councils are truly valuing green infrastructure and giving it the considered approach it deserves."

Claire Lombardi, The Greening of the West, VIC.

"The key criterion for cities to have their own comprehensive urban forest plans / strategies, which form the basis for policy and, by corollary, a strong planning mechanism that sets integrating trees in the forefront."

Vic Bijl, Arborist, City of Belmont, WA.

"Let’s face it, good results come from good planning and strategic delivery. Creating a thriving and long lasting urban forest that will deliver a multitude of bene ts over many generations is no different, but where to begin? The White label Urban Forest Strategy will be an immensely valuable tool to assist councils in better management of their urban vegetation and plans for the future. It’s openly sourced and inspired by one of the benchmark Urban Forest Plans, produced by the City of Melbourne. What a great place to start. This initiative should be seen as a game changer. Not only because of its value as a planning tool, but as an example of how a shared approach to tackling seemingly big issues can make them so much more achievable."

Josh Byrne, Director, Josh Byrne & Associates, NSW.


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